Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects

Here are some samples of research and creative work done as part of the coursework for EALL courses. 


Essays written for Bei Cheng's CHIN 0005 "Chinese for Heritage Speakers" class Fall Term 2018.  My Name by Kexin Tang; One Day Tour in Prince Gong's Mansion by Angel Chen

Movie posters designed by Yi Xu's CHIN 1020 "Third Year Chinese 1" class.  Temple Grandin by Lauren Manning; Frozen by Toby Sheung; Soulmate by Alexis Crossland.


A collection of Haiku prepared by Elizabeth Oyler's JPNSE 0083 "Introduction to Japanese Literature" class Fall Term 2016.  JPNSE 0083 Haiku 


A compilation of short articles about Korean culture. Written by students in Seung-Hwan Shin's KOR 0070 "World of Korea" class, Fall Term 2017.  Politics and Society