Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects

Here are some samples of research and creative work done as part of the coursework for EALL courses. 


Essays written for Bei Cheng's CHIN 0005 "Chinese for Heritage Speakers" class Fall Term 2018.  My Name by Kexin Tang; One Day Tour in Prince Gong's Mansion by Angel Chen

Movie posters designed by Yi Xu's CHIN 1020 "Third Year Chinese 1" class.  Temple Grandin by Lauren Manning; Frozen by Toby Sheung; Soulmate by Alexis Crossland.


A collection of Haiku prepared by Elizabeth Oyler's JPNSE 0083 "Introduction to Japanese Literature" class Fall Term 2016.  JPNSE 0083 Haiku 


A compilation of short articles about Korean culture. Written by students in Seung-Hwan Shin's KOR 0070 "World of Korea" class, Fall Term 2017.  Politics and Society


2022 REALL DEALL program, April 22, 2022

Panel 1

Chair: Gray Denney                                                                 9:00-10:20

The State of Small Hydropower in Japan and Its Effect on Surrounding Communities, Malinda Chau

Changing Eating Culture to Change the Environment, Stephen Aulerich

Soka Gakkai's Ideal Form in The Human Revolution by Ikeda Daisaku: The Religion's Disconnect between Members and Leadership, Zhuoran Han

The Digital Agency: Japan’s Data-“Base” in the Information Age,Evan Lee

Panel 2                                                  

Chair: David Warner                                                              10:40-12:00

Addressing the Problem of Pitch: The Efficacy of Voice Recordings on Pitch Accent and Pronunciation in JFL Learners, Austin Rosenkrans

Motivating Factors and Using Authentic Online Video Materials in High School Chinese Learning, Paris Yamamoto

A Double-Edged Sword in the Japanese Animation Industry? On the Rise of Mobile Games and Online Virtual Characters, Yujiang Qing

Fear Expressions in English and Japanese: What Do We Say When We're Scared?, Daniel Weitzman

Panel 3                                                  

Chair: Kayla Smitson                                                                 1:00-2:20

Effects of Labor Market Trends on the Japanese Demographic Crisis in the Post Bubble Economy, Christian Toth

The Future of Taiwanese Trade with the New Southbound Policy, Marc Smith

What Is a Legal Person? Tracking the Meaning and Perception of Hōjin (法人) across Eras, Timothy Askey

Disparity in Healthcare in China, Halley Cook

Panel 4                                                

Chair: James Kotey                                                                  2:30-3:30

Gaps in Translation from Japanese to English, Using Natsume Sōseki's Botchan, Tia Gillespie

Translating Aruzenchin babā: Text, Image, Context, Daniel Weitzman

Metaphors and Creative Expressions in Chinese and English Languages, Samantha Everson-Simpson