Korean Courses

I- Language Courses

The Korean language curriculum operates on a four-year sequence of courses (first through fourth year). Each level is offered as a sequence of two courses in the fall and spring semesters. Students who have no prior knowledge of Korean must register for the First Year Korean 1 course in the fall semester. Students with prior knowledge of Korean will be required to take a placement exam with the Korean Program Coordinator Mi-Hyun Kim (412-624-5562). The determination of which level an individual student should take is made based on the individual student's needs, background, and the results of the placement test.

Courses are divided into lecture (delivered in English) and recitation classes (Korean only) and students must register for both of them.

Below is the list of Korean language courses offered in fall and spring semesters.

Fall Semester

Course Description
Korean 0001 First year Korean 1
Korean 0003 Second year Korean 1
Korean 0005 Third year Korean 1
Korean 1050 Fourth year Korean 1
Korean 1052 Special Topics in Advanced Korean
Korean 1053 Advanced Writing through Reading

Spring Semester

Course Description
Korean 0002 First year Korean 2
Korean 0004 Second year Korean 2
Korean 0006 Third year Korean 2
Korean 1051 Fourth year Korean 2

II- Non-Language Courses

The Korean Language and Culture Program offers courses on Korean linguistics, culture, literature, and film. At least two courses are offered each semester. All courses are conducted in English but knowledge of Korean language may be required for some of them.

Course Description
Korean 0007 Introduction to Korean Culture and Civilization
Korean 0023 Korean Language: Then and Now
Korean 0070 World of Korea
Korean 0075 Introduction to Korea through Film
Korean 0084 Introduction of Modern Korean Literature
Korean 1023 Aspects of the Korean Language
Korean 1060 Language and Society in Korea
Korean 1065 Metaphors in Korean Language and Thought
Korean 1080 Contemporary Korean Culture