Japanese Courses

We have a diverse and balanced curriculum of courses in Japanese language and culture, including courses in literature, linguistics, and cinema. These courses equip students with knowledge of Japanese language and culture, and prepare them for work related to one of the most culturally influential countries in the world.

The language classes are divided into two components—lecture (fact class) and recitation (act class). In lecture class, you will learn about grammar, word usage, and culture. Recitation (act) classes are kept small (about a dozen or fewer students) so that you can practice using language in real and simulated situations with native speaker instructors.

In the first two years, class meets seven times a week, two for lecture and five for recitation. In third year Japanese, class meeting five times a week, two for lecture and three for recitation. Fourth year Japanese meets four times a week.

If you have a question about our language program, contact Sachiko Takabatake Howard.

Click here to view projected non-language course offerings in Japanese.

If you already have a background in the Japanese language, please contact Noriko Kanisawa Kowalchuck for a placement test interview.