EALL Student Awardees 2019

The Department is proud to announce the 2018-2019 awards for students studying in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. 

Heather Quinn, Language Achievement Award in Chinese
Jessica Penn, Academics Prize in Chinese
Oliver Jia, Language Achievement Award in Japanese
Chisom Obasih, Academics Prize in Japanese
Courtney Cavanah, Language Achievement Award in Korean
Margaret Stuart, Academics Prize in Korean 

Douglas Graham and Chisom Obasih were both inducted into the Japanese National Honor Society. Brandon Yee was inducted into the National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society. 

Departmental Honors were given to Grace Chilson, Andrea Hall, Oliver Jia, Chisom Obasih, and Brandon Yee

The faculty made the presentations at the annual EALL Graduation Reception. This year we gathered in the Ohara Student Center Ballroom on Saturday, April 27, 2019. 

Our hats go off to these hard-working students, many of them graduating this year.