Sonic and Visual Trajectories | Taiwan's Pop Music in Chinese-Speaking Asia

September 26, 2019 - 5:00pm

Lecture by Dr. Mark L. Moskowitz, Professor of Anthropology, University of South Carolina
Taiwan’s popular music has shaped China’s music and culture to a surprising degree. The roots of Taiwan’s music industry can be found in the 1930s Jazz era in Shanghai. Sixty years later, Taiwan was the hub of the Chinese-language pop music industry—a sonic movement that shaped Chinese understandings of music, gender, and individuality in the contemporary age. Today, music videos and mash-ups that are posted to YouTube (and its Chinese counterparts Youku and Tudou) demonstrate cultural proximity between China and Taiwan that reveals both shared cultural understandings and ongoing regional tentions that arise out of their distinctive pasts.


Location and Address

144 Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh