EALL Graduation

April 30, 2022 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

EALL Departmental Graduation will be held in the Lower Lounge of the William Pitt Union on Pitt's Oakland campus. 

Location and Address


Graduation Celebration




Recognition of Chinese and Japanese Graduates

Recognition of Student Achievements

Academics Prize in Chinese

     Marc Smith

Language Achievement Award in Chinese

     Samantha Everson-Simpson

Academics Prize in Japanese

     Austin Rosenkrans

Language Achievement Award in Japanese

     Yujiang Qing

Academics Prize in Korean

     Caroline Gish

Language Achievement Award in Korean

     Emma Tarcson

Undergraduate Research Award

     Evan Lee

2022 Inductees to the National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society of the Chinese Language Teachers Association

     Samantha Everson-Simpson             Halley Cook

     Marc Smith                                         Paris Yamamoto

2022 Inductees to the National Japanese Honor Society of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese

     Timothy Askey                                     Even Lee

     Yujiang Qing                                        Austin Rosenkrans 

     Christian Toth

Hooding of MAs

     Gray Denney                                        James Kotey

     McKayla Smitson                                 David Warner

Musical Celebration

Jin Yang, with Joyce Yan, Rebecca Dornich, Nancy Xiao, and Tiffany Xiao

     Ambush from All Sides (十面埋伏)                                                         Traditional

     Seven Moments of Caprice (七个瞬间的随想)                                       Liu Chang

     Dance of Yi Minority (彝族舞曲)                                                        Wang Huiran

     Ying of Red Flame (赤焰之缨)                                                                 Liu Dong


♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     

Class of 2022

August 2021 and December 2021 graduates

     Eddie Rosenthal, BA Chinese

     Nathan Andrud, BA Chinese

     Abigail Lewis, BA Japanese

     Eric Knapp, BA Japanese

     Katie Kuderka, BA Japanese


Spring 2022 graduates

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese

     Stephen Aulerich

     Samantha Everson-Simpson

     Marc Smith

     Paris Yamamoto

Bachelor of Arts in Japanese

     Timothy Askey

     Evan Lee

     Yujiang Qing

     Austin Rosenkrans*

     Christian Toth

     Daniel Weitzman

     *With departmental honors

Master of Arts in East Asian Studies

     Gray Denney

     James Kotey

     McKayla Smitson

     David Warner