Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures is committed to a learning environment that embraces diversity and inclusion.  For more information on our commitment, see the Arts and Sciences statement.

EALL is cognizant that it is one of the only two departments that specializes in a non-Western region (the other is the Department of Africana Studies) and therefore feels a particular responsibility to contribute substantially to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


What we teach in the classroom is inherently transregional and transcultural in that our students are exposed to ways East Asian cultures engage with cultural issues through a variety of modes of cultural expression (literature, performance, film, language, etc.). Learning those different modes, sometimes in natural contrast to Western culture, will help students open their eyes to the diversity of cultural expressions across human societies. Faculty research also addresses diversity in a meaningful, significant way.

Students learn in our courses that East Asia is not monolithic but in fact an aggregate of at least three major cultures—Chinese, Japanese, and Korean—each with distinct qualities. Learning about subtle differences in these cultures gives us insight into a range of lifestyle choices and values that are different from our own. Teaching cultural diversity and its nuance is part of what we do.


We are committed to welcoming everyone with respect and dignity so that they may feel comfortable in our classroom. We also pay close attention to the admission of graduate students by looking at candidates holistically.


EALL faculty are a group of teachers with a variety of ethnic, nationality, and gender background and bring in a wide spectrum of cultural values. We are committed to hiring and retention practices that promote DEI.


DEI activities

March 6, 2020. Shinsuke Tsuchiya, Brigham Young University. "Finding a Balance between Diversity and Language Standards in a University-Level Japanese Language Program." 4:00 pm. 208 CL.

March 19, 2021. Seung-Hwan Shin, EALL. "Diversity in EALL: A Conversation Starter." EALL Colloquium, noon, March 19, 2021.

April 14, 2021. Roundtable on Anti-Asian Racism. Moderated by Seung-Hwan SHin, 5:30 p.m.