Advanced Chinese Across Genres

Note: This course is offered regularly during the Spring term.

CHIN1033 is designed for students who have achieved advanced level proficiency in Chinese language. It aims to consolidate and encourage students to optimally use their language skills and knowledge that they have acquired over the past five or more semesters. Students will continue to improve their oral proficiency, especially in speeches and argument at a discourse level. Further, the course emphasizes on the development of reading, writing and analytical skills, including reading strategies such as skimming and scanning, and rhetorical strategies in composition. Students will read and critically comprehend a variety of texts from Chinese newspaper/magazine articles, TV/films, literary works, and practice writing functional, narrative and argumentative texts. At the end of the course, students will become familiar with various forms of Chinese texts across multiple genres and improve skills in interpretative reading and presentational writing and speaking.

Recitation: No recitation

Class size: 12


Number of Credits


Course prerequisites

Completion of CHIN1009 with at least a grade of B-.