Japanese Major

To earn a major in Japanese, students must complete two semesters of Japanese language (or equivalent) beyond second year, an additional course beyond the third year level, three courses from departmental courses in literature, drama, film, and linguistics, and three Japan-related courses in other departments.

Course Categories

A major in Japanese language and culture is 54 credits and includes courses from three categories:

  • Courses designed to develop competence in the four skills of the Japanese language, plus courses for advanced study
  • Courses taught in English and focused on the mainstream of Japanese culture as reflected in literature, drama, and film
  • Courses for the advanced study of literature and linguistic analysis

Requirements to Fulfill Major

  1. Third Year Japanese 1 and 2 (or the equivalent), plus one course at the advanced level. (9 credits, not counting first and second year)
  2. Three courses chosen from offerings in the department's Literature, Drama, Film, and Linguistics Category listing. This includes 0083 (mandatory for all majors), and at least one linguistics course (1022, 1023, 1025, or 1035). One of these courses should be selected from those marked with an asterisk ("W" courses), in conjunction with which the student enrolls in JPNSE 1908). (13 credits)
  3. Three courses related to Japan offered in other departments. (9 credits)
  4. “Capstone Project” JPNSE 1999, to be taken during the last term at Pitt. Completing this course is a University requirement for graduation. (3 credits)
  5. A total of 34 credit hours.

Course Selections

Language Courses:

Course Description Credit
JPNSE 0001 First Year Japanese 1 5*
JPNSE 0002 First Year Japanese 2 5*
JPNSE 0003 Second Year Japanese 1 5*
JPNSE 0004 Second Year Japanese 2 5*
JPNSE 1020 Third Year Japanese 1 3
JPNSE 1021 Third Year Japanese 2 3
  Total 6

*First Year Japanese and Second Year Japanese are not part of the major requirement.

Advanced Courses:

Course Description Credit
JPNSE 1040 Introduction to Classical Japanese 1 3
JPNSE 1050 Fourth Year Japanese 1 3
JPNSE 1051 Fourth Year Japanese 2 3
  Total 3

Choose one of the courses.

Literature, Drama, Film, and Linguistics Courses:

Course Description Credit
JPNSE 0007 Japanese Culture and Civilization 3
JPNSE 0081 East Asia in the World 3
JPNSE 0083 Introduction to Japanese Literature (Required) 3
JPNSE 0085 Japanese Tales of the Supernatural 3
JPNSE 1023 Aspects of the Japanese Language 3
JPNSE 1035* Pragmatics of Japanese 3
JPNSE 1056* Japanese Literature and the West 3
JPNSE 1057* Japanese Culture & Society through Cinema 3
JPNSE 1058* Westerns & Samurai Films 3
JPNSE 1059* Japanese Literature on Screen 3
JPNSE 1070* World of Japan, Detection 3
JPNSE 1071* The World of Japan:_________ 3
JPNSE 1080* Ghosts, Masks, and Actors 3
JPNSE 1081* Forms of Japanese Theater 3
JPNSE 1085* Introduction to East Asian Cinema 3
JPNSE 1700 Introduction to Theory and Practice of Translation 3
JPNSE 1098 Directed Writing 1
  Total 13

View projected non-language course offerings in Japanese.

Related Field Courses

Course Description Credit
  Courses related to Japanese language and culture are offered in other departments of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Consult Stephen Luft, academic advisor for Japanese majors, if you have a question about which course will count toward this requirement. 9

Capstone Project Course

Course Description Credit
JPNSE 1999 The Capstone Project 3
  Total for all Japanese majors 34*

*This number excludes First and Second Year Japanese courses.