Chinese Courses

We have a diverse and balanced curriculum of courses in cultural studies, thought systems, literary masterpieces, and cinema. Those courses will equip students with knowledge of both ancient and modern China, which they will find very useful whether they wish to communicate with people on the other side of the globe or pursue a career path that is related to this country that boasts one of the longest cultural histories in the world.

Language classes are divided into two components—lecture (fact class) and recitation (act class). In lecture class, students learn about grammar and key patterns for usage. They are then asked to apply their knowledge to practice speaking in recitation classes. The recitation class size is kept small (about a dozen or fewer students) so that students can practice using language in interactive instructional activities and simulated real-life situations. The recitation class is taught by native speakers of Chinese and use of English is not allowed.

In the first two years, class meets seven times a week, two for lecture and five for recitation. In Third Year Chinese, class meets five times a week, 2 for lecture and 3 for recitation. If you have inquires about our language program, please contact Yi Xu.

Note: If you already have a background with the Chinese language and need to be placed in one of the levels, please contact Yi Xu.

Fall 2017 (2181) 

Course Description Credit
0001 First Year Chinese 5
0003 Second Year Chinese 5
1020 Third Year Chinese 5
1040 Literary Chinese 1 Classical 3
1050 Fourth Year Chinese 1 3
1090/2090 Great Minds of China 3

Spring 2017 (2174)

You can also view course descriptions at the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate page.

Course Description Credit
0002 First Year Chinese 5
0004 Second Year Chinese 5
1021 Third Year Chinese 5
0081 East Asia and the World 3
1033 Advanced Speaking 3
1051 Fourth Year Chinese 2 3
1084 Masterpieces of Chinese Literature 3
1901 Independent Study 1-6
1908 Directed Writing for Majors 1
1999 Senior Project 3

2000 Research and Thesis for MA Degree

Please refer to online listing from registrar's office for specific sections for designated faculty.

2902 Directed Study

Please refer to online listing from registrar's office for specific sections for designated faculty.