Third Year Japanese

We're sorry, but Third Year Japanese will NOT be offered during the summer of 2018.   

Contact Paula Locante for Summer 2018 dates.


NOTE: There are no scholarships for Third Year Japanese.

Component 1—Classroom

Typically, classes meet six hours a day Monday through Friday. There is one hour of Fact class—explanation of important grammatical points, appropriate language use in context, and other facts about the language and culture as it pertains to language use. In addition, there are three hours of practice communicating with native speakers of Japanese in a variety of everyday situations. These practice or "Act" classes are generally about 10-12 students per class so that you will receive personal guidance with your oral skills. You will also spend two hours in the Language Media Center gaining additional oral/aural practice.

In terms of reading and writing, you will learn to read elementary material in First Year Japanese and increasingly more complex material in Second Year Japanese, following Jorden and Noda’s Japanese: The Written Language. Daily practice will include reading and writing, again focusing on practical, everyday communication. In terms of kanji and kana, you will have learned all hiragana and katakana and approximately 100 kanji in First Year Japanese and an additional 150 kanji in Second Year Japanese.

Component 2—Outside of Classroom

A second component of our program is to bring cultural awareness of the target culture to every participant. To this end, we have built into the curriculum such activities as field trips, lectures, and movies/video viewings as they relate to culture in general. We also have parties for a change of pace and to get more acquainted with the teachers and fellow students.