Dian Fauzan

“The first time I ever set foot in a Japanese class was about one year ago and I had no clue why I chose to take Japanese. However, since those first few days of the class, my attitude changed; I started to like Japanese. I found having five different teachers teaching the class quite amusing, and I believed it contributed to my learning. My advice to those who are serious about learning any foreign language, especially Japanese, is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.”

Dan Joyner

“The Summer Intensive Japanese Program at Pitt was by far the best language course I have ever taken. Even being a high school student, I was immediately impressed by the emphasis on actually conversing in Japanese, rather than just memorizing rules from a textbook. The professors are always kind and ready to offer help and advice...the professors are also very efficient and I never felt like I was wasting time when I was in class.”

Hongyu Wu

“I think SEALS is very good for graduate students. By taking Japanese summer school, you can begin your research in Japan one year earlier, or you can save one year for other graduate courses.” 

Brian Phillips

“Since it is in the summer, there is little lapse in time between semesters. This makes retaining knowledge much easier. In my third year of Japanese this fall, I find that everything from the summer comes back quickly. One of the most enjoyable parts of the summer class is the bond the students form. We are all in the same situation, fighting the same fight, and helping each other along the way. Together, we participate in organized activities outside of class, such as trips to Japanese restaurants and dinner at the Sensei's house. For students serious about learning Japanese, the summer intensive course is a wonderful opportunity.”

Erik Ferguson

“One final good thing about the summer program was that due to its intensive nature, we would spend a great deal of time each day speaking and ultimately thinking in Japanese. I have met people who have taken Japanese longer than me but who can not speak it nearly as fluently. So far getting through daily life has been fine.” Erik was continuing his studies in Japan.

Maaku Rikanbakku (Mark Reichenbach)

“I want to thank you and all the sensei for the hard work you did for us students throughout the program. I am very happy with how much my Japanese has improved, and it has only come about thanks to the high quality of the program and its instructors. I will definitely recommend it to any Japanese students at my school who are interested in a summer intensive course. Please extend my thanks to all of the administrators and instructors if you have a chance to! Yorosiku onegai-simasu.”