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University of Pittsburgh

Visiting Scholar

Yihong Zhang

Yihong Zhang, formerly a full-time instructor at the Foreign Languages College of Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an, China, is a PhD Candidate of Comparative Literature and Cross-Cultural Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University. His interests are mainly centered on the history of Western and Chinese translation theories, especially on the practical application of these theories to the translations of Chinese classics into the English world. His study field also includes comparative literature and the Chinese novels in Ming and Qing dynasties.

Office Hours:

By appointment

Phone: 412-265-8953




·M.A., Shaanxi Normal University, 2003, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

·B.A., Shaanxi Normal University, 2000, English Education


·"A Review on the Translation of Jin Ping Mei in Japan," Japan Studies, 2012(6)

·"On the Systematic Study of Lu Xun’s Translation" in Lu Xun’s Translation Study, ed. by Gu Jun, Journal of Shaoxing University, 2012(3)

·"On the Concept of 'Translated Literature' and Its Translation into English," Journal of Ningbo University, 2012(5):

·"On the Unorthodox Buddhists in Jin Ping Mei," Chinese History and Literature, 2012(7)

Conference Presentation:

·"A Historical Review and Reflection of the Study of Jin Ping Mei in the English World," the 9th International Conference for the Study of Jin Ping Mei, the city of Wulian, Shandong Province, China. May 2013.