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University of Pittsburgh

Japanese Courses

0080 City Life and East Asian Culture

Credits: 3

Note: This course is cross-listed with CHIN 0080


This course will focus on cultural aspects of major cities and urban centers in East Asia by investigating some of the major driving forces behind social changes and lifestyles in China, Japan and Taiwan.
Longstanding beliefs are re-contextualized, drawing connections between the historical past and the transnational present. The class will also highlight the reception and interpretation of Asian art, fashion, design and other forms of visual media. Through lectures and presentations of images, films, and actual objects in the classroom, along with assigned readings and class discussions, the course will explore the increasing presence of East Asia in global cultural production. All readings are in English. This course will NOT be available for the 1-credit W course JPNSE 1908.



Recitation: none

Class Size: 15 for JPNSE 0080 plus 15 for CHIN 0080