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University of Pittsburgh

Japanese Courses

0081 East Asia in the World (cross-listed with CHIN 0081)

Credits: 3



In this course we focus on investigating meditative doctrines and practices in East Asian religions. What kinds of meditative techniques have been performed in these regions? What are unique characteristics of Buddhist meditations different from those of Hindu and Daoist? How Zen has been developed from the 'early' Buddhist meditative traditions? What are the pragmatic functions of these practices from soteriological, psychological, and social perspectives? We will conduct first a brief historical survey of each practice, and then theoretical analysis on varieties of meditation practices with insights from philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science.

Prerequisite(s): none

(All readings are in English with no knowledge of Japanese or Chinese needed.)

Recitation: none

Class Size: 30

(15 with CHIN 0081 and 15 with JPNSE 0081)