IDMA: Faculty

East Asian faculty are listed below by department.


Nicole Constable, Professor, PhD, University of California, Berkeley. Chinese society and culture.

Gabriella Lukacs, Associate Professor, PhD, Duke University. Japanese media studies.

East Asian Languages and Literatures

Charles Exley, Associate Professor. PhD, Yale University. Modern Japanese literature and film.

Brenda G. Jordan, Secondary Appointment in EALL, PhD, University of Kansas. Japanese Art and Architecture, Assistant Director of Educational Outreach and Japan Studies Coordinator, Asian Studies Center.

Mi-Hyun Kim, Lecturer, PhD, University of Hawaii. Korean language and linguistics.

Stephen Luft, Lecturer, PhD, Ohio State University, Japanese language and linguistics.

Hiroshi Nara, Professor and Chair, PhD, University of Kansas. Japanese language and linguistics, intellectual history, translation.

Elizabeth Oyler, Associate Professor, PhD. Stanford University. Premodern Japanese literature.

Kun Qian, Associate Professor, PhD, Cornell University. Modern Chinese literature and film.

Cecile Chu-Chin Sun, Professor, PhD, Indiana University (Bloomington). Classical Chinese literature and poetry.

Yi Xu, Assiociate Professor of Chinese, PhD, University of Arizona. Chinese language and linguistics, Second Language Acquisition.


Jinying Li, Assistant Professor. Film Studies.


Raja Adal, Assistant Professor, PhD, Harvard University. Modern Japanese history.

History of Art and Architecture

Karen Gerhart, Professor, PhD, University of Kansas. Premodern Japanese art and architecture.

Minglu Gao, Research Professor, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art.


Alan Juffs, Professor of Linguistics, PhD, McGill University (Canada). Second Language Acquisition, China.


Andrew Weintraub, Professor, PhD, University of California at Berkeley. Indonesian music.

Political Science

Kay Shimizu, Research Assistant Professor, PhD, Stanford University. Japanese politics.

Religious Studies

Clark Chilson, Associate Professor, PhD, University of Lancaster, U.K. Japanese medieval and contemporary religion.


Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

Josephine Olson, Associate Professor, PhD, Brown University. Japan.

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA)

Muge Kokten Finkel, Assistant Professor, PhD, University of Virginia. Japanese politics.

School of Law

Patricia Chew, Professor of Law, JD, University of Texas. China.