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University of Pittsburgh

Interdisciplinary Master of Arts in

East Asian Studies (IDMA)

Financial Aid/Tuition

NEW: We are pleased to announce that since the Fall of 2006, one full- tuition scholarship plus stipend has been awarded to an IMDA student doing Japan studies.Zen garden

The dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences recently approved Tuition Reduction Scholarships for out-of-state students accepted into the IDMA program. That means all IDMA students, including international students, pay in-state tuition rates.

For example, in Academic Year 2012, the out-of-state full-time (9–15 credits) per-term tuition for students is $15,368; for in-state students the tuition is $9,387 (or $760 per credit). This represents a savings of approximately $5,981 per term. Additional fees typically run about $740 per academic year for computer networking, security, transportation, and activities fees. This Tuition Reduction is valid for only two academic years.

IDMA students are eligible to apply for a variety of scholarships and fellowships administered by the Asian Studies Center. As with most financial aid, these awards are highly competitive.

Teaching assistantships are not available for this interdisciplinary graduate program.

Why Pittsburgh? One advantage to living in Pittsburgh is its relatively lower cost of living that some major cities. CNN has a tool that compares the earning power between two cities. For example, a grad student earning $25K in Pittsburgh would need to earn $32,280 in Philadelphia, $30,397 in Baltimore, and $43,340 in San Francisco to maintain the same lifestyle.