Pragmatics of Japanese

This course will provide an introduction to the usage aspects of Japanese by reading articles on pragmatic aspects of the language. The instructor will lecture on salient points and lead discussion on specific issues and the appropriate use of the language.

Ghosts, Masks, and Actors

A critical study of three major dramatic genres of Japan--noh, bunraku and kabuki--in cultural origins. Areas to be explored are the use of masks in the world of the noh theatre, the kabuki with its female impersonators and the near-lifesize puppets of the bunraku. Also discussed is the impact that noh and kabuki have had on modern Japanese and non-Japanese theatrical and film genres.

Basic Japanese Language 2


This course is offered in the Spring Term.


This is the second semester of Basic Japanese Language. The emphasis will be on speaking and understanding, and will include useful expressions and practical vocabulary. Most of the class time will be devoted to structured practice with trained native speakers who are experienced instructors.


Required. With native speakers of Japanese (first recitation will not meet until after first lecture).

Class Size