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University of Pittsburgh

Chinese Courses

1021: Third Year Chinese

Credits: 5


This course is offered regularly in the spring.


This course is the continuation of third-year Chinese I. It's designed to enhance Chinese proficiency of those who have completed five semesters of CHIN classes at the University of Pittsburgh, or its equivalent. Students will be trained to read and comprehend essays of popular culture and news reports, to have the ability to skip reading obstacles, obtain the needed information, and understand the gist of the content in those materials. By the end of the semester, students should be able to carry out in-depth and coherent discussions and write essays using formal vocabulary, structures and discourse devices; understand the differences in spoken and written Chinese at levels of vocabulary, structure and pragmatics, etc.


C- in CHIN 1020 or equivalent.


Two lectures and three recitations per week.

Class Size:

Up to 24